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Wheatley's Reservoirs

Richard Wheatley were a prolific manufacturer of fishing accessories ranging from familiar leather "D" cases through to japanned fly boxes, leather carry cases and reservoirs.

This reservoir is just one example of many on their craftmanship and this was retailed by Cogswell & Harrison of London.

With three cartridges to hold a selection of flies, each one with a leather tab, in alphabetic order with a label to the inside lid to write the details of the content.

Each cartridge contains two swing leafs with each one containing 20 x spring clips to hold flies.

And each cartridge capable of holding 80 flies, so this reservoir can hold a maximum of 240 flies.

This example, like many of these type of reservoirs, is designed to hold salmon flies.

With retailer's name and address to the front.

And a neat nickel silver plaque to the lid allowing the owner's initials to be applied.

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