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Wheatley Reservoir

Richard Wheatley produced some amazing fishing tackle and accessories, which, like J.W.Youngs, generally went beneath the radar. Their tackle was retailed by all the great names such as Hardy, Farlow, Allcock, etc... who commissioned this Birmingham manufacturer to make a host of products from fly boxes, reel cases through to reservoirs to hold Salmon flies, like this example, which was retailed by Cogswell & Harrison of Piccadilly, London.

And they would also apply a fine nickel silver plaque for you to apply your initials so your flies would not be confused with anybody else's.

This reservoir contains 3 x cassettes, labelled A, B & C, with nickel silver spring clips on ivorine plates to hold a range of Salmon flies.

And on the interior of the lid, space for you to apply details on the contents of the cassettes.

And of course the content, with a fine collection of period gut eye Salmon flies.

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