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What's your Vice

A small selection of flying tying vices dating from the mid 19th Century running through to the late 1930's.

Whilst the dextrous tiers of the time were able to tie in hand, for those less abled, fly tying vices were available and the choice was wide. Retailed by all the leading fishing tackle manufacturers the following are just some that were available.

This Holtzapffel & Co vice dates from the last half of the 19th Century. In Francis Francis Book On Angling, 1867, it makes reference to this manufacturer for the provision of high quality fly tying vices.

Another example of Victorian hand held vice. Unnamed but of great quality.

A 20th Century Farlow "Hallows" fly tying vice.

And this exquisite J.Bernard & Son of Church Place nickel in its presentation box.

Hardy, Allcock, Malloch, etc.. also retailed vices such as this example.

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