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Transitional Brass Perfects

These two 4" Salmon Brass Perfects by Hardy Brothers are best described as "Transitional" examples representing work in progress on the iconic model, which is still being produced, 133 years after its introduction.

Looking carefully at both of these examples, there is plenty of difference between them when their production can only be separated by months. Difference spool widths, use of nickel silver on the outer rim and pins, the manner on how the spool is retained to the frame of the reel, reel feet, tension adjuster, etc.

It is almost the case that these reels were not subject to standard production and each reel from this early period is bespoke and therefore unique. We need to look to the 1896 model to see uniformity and standardisation in the production of Perfects.

Here we can see the difference on the "waisted" reel feet.

Different spool widths and the use of nickel silver and pins on the example on the left and brass on the right.

And the manner in which the spool is retained to the frame differs too.

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