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The "Triumph" Casting Reel by Hardy Bros, 1923-1928 only.

A look at a 3" 1/2 example of Hardy's Triumph casting reel which can be dated to 1925-1927 by its circular knurled knob. Factory records show that only 31 examples of this model were produced during this period and the reel is stamped to inside "T.A." for maker Thomas Appleby who was employed by Hardy between 1920 and 1947.

Designed for the angler who preferred more finger control when spinning. A short production run for this reel which was discontinued by 1929 as it never really rivalled the Silex reel which had established itself as the go to.

With rim mounted optional check lever, adjuster tension and braking button to the rear.

A close look at the knurled tension adjuster.

Stamped to rear with maker's name, model and patent detail.

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