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The Triumph by Hardy Bros

The Hardy Triumph was introduced in 1923 to 1928 and its name does not relate to its commercial success as a reel for its low production and sales numbers meant that Hardy discontinued this model by 1928. With low production numbers, examples of the reel are very seldom seen.

Designed as an addition to the very popular Silex model, this reel allowed easy casting with use of a rear mounted finger brake, and the example featured has the knurled tension where we can date this to 1925-1927.

According to factory records, this 3" 1/2 example is 1 of 31 to ever be produced and the "T.A." maker's stamp to the inside refers to Thomas Appleby, who was employed by Hardy Bros from 1920-1947. As a reel maker, he also made Silex, Alta, Cascapedia and Super Silex reels.

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