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The Prettiest Popham

The Popham is now regarded as one of those ostentatious flies dating from the Victorian period and like much from this era during the industrial revolution, could be argued is over engineered.

The example above, which is known to have been used on the Hampshire Avon during the Victorian period, incorporates a large number of rare Indian Crow feathers. This example goes way beyond the typical antique examples where between six to twelve Indian Crow feathers feature however, the example above incorporates over thirty.

Picture are patches of Indian Crown alongside a Popham.

And on larger examples of these flies, there are four sections where the body is veiled with Indian Crow feathers. The examples above measuring 7/0 and 6/0.

And a further variation seen here in R.B.Marstons series of "Celluloid" flies with this example dating from the 1890's and being the only example of a Popham with green hackles.

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