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The Hardy 1911 Silex No 2, 1st Model

In my view, an underrated and under valued piece of Hardy history with these spinning reels which are over engineered for their use, when compared to other centrepin spinning reels, but work so well when used for trotting through to spinning.

The photo above shows a pristine example of the 1st Model 1911 Silex No 2 complete with corresponding leather "D" block case and seldom seen spanners and spare central locking nut.

With twin ivorine handles and rim mounted tension adjuster.

And some close ups of the locking spanners and spare central locking nuts which keep the spool in place.

And a view of the check mechanism along with the brake lever.

Close up of the rim mounted tension adjuster.

It is only a question of time before these start to seriously accrue in value so the general rules apply in acquiring the best condition examples that are available and remembering that "price is generally forgotten where quality remains".

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How are you selling it for ?

Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis
Dec 21, 2021
Replying to

Sorry, this is not for sale.

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