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St George's "St George"

I was lucky enough to acquire the fishing kit from Howard St George, Irish aristocracy who once controlled the Lower Screbe Fishery in Ireland. Amongst the items was St George's 3" Hardy St George fly reel which he used with his H.L.Leonard Tournament and E.F.Payne fly rods.

This 1930's example has smooth brass foot, ebonite handle, nickle silver bound agate line guard. Stamped to the inside J.S. for Jimmy Smith and with a Duplicated Mk II check mechanism and rim mounted tension adjuster.

It is known that St George was friendly with G.M.Skues, who, like St George, was using American rods during the 1930's by makers Leonard, Payne and Garrison.

Also included was the correspondence exchange between Skues and St George where there are discussing nymphs, tactics and tying.

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