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Special Order Silex Major

The Silex Major in Duralumin was provided by Hardy Brothers as a special order and was available from the 1920's through to 1952 when production ceased. Duralumin is a strong, hard lightweight alloy of aluminium, widely used in aircraft construction. Discovered in 1906 and patented in 1909 by Alfred Wilm, a German metallurgist.

Whilst this reel was available throughout the 1930's, it was not officially listed in their catalogue until 1939 in this metal and came with a 10/- premium over the standard model.

The second World War halted production until 1952, when the Silex Major in Duralumin was relaunched, but discontinued after one year.

This example comes with the 1928 regulating dial operated with a rim mounted tension adjuster along with a rim mounted casting trigger, ribbed brass foot and twin ebonite handles. Stamped to the rear maker's name, model, size and patent detail.

Under the spring, which engages the casting trigger, is the "D" stamp which is a typical site for reels made of this metal.

And P.W. for the for the maker's initials.

So, in summary, a super strong, lightweight reel suitable for spinning, fly fishing and for both freshwater and salt water fishing.

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