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Some Special Hardy Reels

A small collection of Hardy reels starting from the left with a 5" brass & ebonite, once owned by D.J.W. Edwardes, the first angler to catch a Salmon from the Royalty Fishery following the cessation of netting on the Great Weir and the pool being named after him, a 3" 1/4 Special Perfect from 1939, boxed and in near mint condition, a 2" 9/16 St George Junior, boxed and in unused condition, from 1942, under this a 4" 1/4 St George Salmon prototype signed on the reel foot John James Hardy, then a 3"1/4 The Barton with its original correct leather "D" case and finally a 3" St George, formally the property of Irish Baron, Howard St George.

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