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S E Bogdan Reels

The simple employment of this classic look has been successfully captured in Bogdan's hand made Salmon & Trout reels which have become commodity reels that have seen values climb over the past 10 years with examples selling for up to £10,000 in well renowned auction houses.

The serpentine "S" crank handles are the distinguishing feature which dates back to Victorian British reels that used these and became a feature in the late 19th Century for the famous Vom Hofe reel company in America.

Through the decades, other reel manufacturers' such as Hardy, Zwarg, Winston, copied this look into their reels hotly followed by Bogdan in the 1960's.

Whilst the examples are not antique yet, there are most definitely classic and this revered design can be seen replicated today with reels by Hardy & Loop still following the design.

The Bogdan reels on display are Salmon and Sea Trout examples with the Champagne example in the middle exclusively made for American retailer, Abercrombie & Fitch, with this one being dated to 1964. Both other examples are left hand wind models. All reels feature optional check button to rear along with an adjustable check mechanism and bearing the iconic Bogdan name plate.

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