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Royalty Salmon Sympathetically Restored

Caught from the Railway in 1935 on a shrimp by Henry Walpole Eyre, this Chalk Stream Salmon weighed in at 43.5lbs. Set up by Ponchaud & Sons of Christchurch and Ringwood, this example has suffered through the years from poor storage and has now been restored to its previous splendour.

We have learnt that Henry Eyre leased the fishery from the late 1920’s through into the 1930’s up to the onset of the Second World War. The Eyre’s were an exceptionally wealthy family who once owned the St Johns Wood, London, estate, and Henry, who owned property in Christchurch, fished, shot, and collected cars.

Their relationship with the Royalty has filled in some of the missing blanks on the fishery’s history and if there is any more information on this family and their association with the fishery, we’d like to hear from you.

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