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Remembering Bo

Over the weekend, I learnt of the sad passing of one of Sweden's master reel makers, Bo Mohlin. I have been a fan of his work for many years and have been fortunate enough to acquire some of his fine reels from him in the past.

Using high quality materials and designing out some of the faults experienced with other reels, like Bogdans, Bo noticed that the line could easily get trapped between the faceplate serpentine "S" crank handle and designed a solution to remove this conflict by ensuring that the handle sat within the rim preventing the line from becoming trapped.

Back in 2013, Bo made me the "Em Sea Trout and Salmon" with my example being the first of the left hand wind. Beautifully machined and finished off with a Sperm Whales tooth for the handle.

Bo kindly sent me the "Baby Trout" a few years back.

I was invited to fish the River Em a few weeks ago, this being Bo's local river, and where a number of his reels feature in the fishery's museum. We met up with Bo who was full of humour, knowledge and childhood enthusiasm for his craft and fishing, offering me advice on where to fish. I did head straight for the Sea Pool on returning to the river.

Every time the check of your reels chatters, I will remember the man who created these reels. Rest in peace Bo Mohlin.

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