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Reel Investments

Ultimately, as anglers, we buy reels for use, but wise purchases could result buying future stars for the international collecting fraternity. Whether its limited production runs, complications or just pure indulgence, you could be acquiring tomorrow's reel investment.

Here we have some examples of rising stars including reels by Bo Mohlin, Mill Tackle Company, Loop and L.H. Design. Some of these rely on a traditional look such a the reels by Bo Mohlin and Mill Tackle whereas Loop / Danielson offer a contemporary look combining modern materials with unique design at the time through to hybrid with the L.H.Design which blends titanium frame with solid amber sides.

And the reverse shows more detail with a range of check systems and adjustment on offer.

As we look at some of the examples detailed, a couple of factors to consider, being, "price is forgotten where quality remains" and exclusivity will always gather a premium.

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