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Mr Mallet and the General

A couple of rare Hardy Longstone variants with the first being the Mr Mallet's Pattern, 1927-1937. Used for Dorado in the Florida Keys, Edwin Marshall Mallet, a former heavyweight boxer, created a reel for his sea fishing needs. Without any surviving factory records, it is impossible to confirm that exact amount produced but the are talking of a low run during its 10 years of production. Characterised by its dual line guards and single winding handle with counter balance and perforated faceplate.

Next to this is the General Harrison pattern Longstone. We know that during its production period, 1929-1937, there were 76 produced in 4" 1/2. This example was made by Arthur Wall. Whilst the specifications of the reel were given to Hardy by Brigadier General Harrison, there are no details of this high ranking military officer. This reel is characterised by its drum retaining latch and its tension adjuster, regulator and single button braking regulator to the rear.

The internal and rear shot of Mr Mallet's Longstone

And a look at the internals and rear of General Harrison's Longstone.

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