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J W Youngs, Master Reel Maker

A couple of examples by master reel maker J.W. Young dating from the 1890's.

The reel on the left is a 4" 1/2 brass & ebonite example retailed by G Little of London. This example showcases the maker's talent to blend brass with ebonite on both the front and rear backplates with a seamless transfer between materials.

Unusually, this reel is stamped to the inside with the maker's name. All the screws and pillars are made from solid nickel silver. The reel has a smooth, constant check.

A close up on the front of the reel.

And the second example is a J.W. Youngs "Simplex" reel, measuring 2" 3/4 centrepin reel. This dates from 1895 and is the reel that preceded the Aerial centrepin in 1896. Again, we see a blend of materials with brass, ebonite, nickel silver rims and tapered horn handles.

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