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Hardy's St George Junior

A smaller St George introduced in the late 1920's to offer a lightweight version for Trout fishing. Measuring 2" 9/16 and weighing just over 3 ounces, the reel remained in production until 1963.

This example, which dates from circa 1942, came boxed and is presented in near mint condition. It has a smooth constant check mechanism which a rim mounted tension adjuster, nickel silver bound agate line guard, ebonite handle and a 3 screw latch drum removal latch.

The black painted finish is a characteristic of wartime finish and both the frame and reel foot are finished in the same way.

The inside of the reel is stamped with the reel maker's initials, "J.S." for Jimmy Smith who is credited with making a number of reels from this period.

Another characteristic is the presence of a MkI check mechanism where the reel is stamped detailing Dup Mk II. This was quite usual during the war to conserve material, although there seems to be sufficient for the production of fishing reels.

Duplication on check mechanisms came into play in the early 1920's and most war time reels will state Dup MII but will come with a Mk I check.

In terms of value, used examples are generally valued between £600-£800 however expect to pay substantial premiums for boxed and mint examples such as this which can sell for 2 the 3 times more than the used ones.

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