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Hardy's 3" 1/4 Wide Drum Perfect

Hardy's produced reels for all fly fishing circumstances including this 3" 1/4 wide drum Perfect with the early check system.

This example, which is set up for right hand wind, has a rim mounted tension adjuster, ivory handle and retains near all of its original finish. Note the use of the straight line and oval logo to the faceplate.

The rare aspect of this example is both its diameter and width. A 3"1/4 wide drum is one of the in between sizes that was to big for Trout and to small for Sea Trout. The result, few were sold and therefore numbers on this size are very low.

The spool is held in place with a nickel silver retaining screw.

And with the early check mechanism.

And a final look at the faceplate. This example has only had very light use and it is rare to fine examples in this condition.

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