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Forrest of Kelso's Salmon Reservoir

Following on from the recently covered 5 x drawer reservoir, we now have the opportunity to study the bigger brother with the 10 x drawer example by Forrest of Kelso. This example comes with 10 x sliding trays, a detachable hook scale, located in the lid of the reservoir, and a carry box which can accommodate 2 x drawers, ready for the day's fishing.

Note that the numbers on the drawer ends relate to the size of fly that can one can accommodate with larger with the larger 9/0 flies for those heavy water or early spring fishing through to size 5 to 8 for low water and summer patterns.

And the charming hook scale to make sure that the flies are correctly returned to the right drawer.

The above is the carry box with can accommodate 2 x drawers for the day's fishing.

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