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F W K Wallis Rod by Hardy Bros

An example of a 11', three piece Avon rod by Hardy Bros, F.W.K.Wallis. This whole cane butt section and split cane mid and tip section, are presented in unused condition. Dated 1959 not quite an antique but definitely vintage.

Finding rods in this condition is exceptionally rare and with corresponding rod bag and trade label.

FWK Wallis had a long standing relationship with fishing on the Hants Avon on the Royalty Fishery, Christchurch where he was looked after by the fishery's keeper, Hayter.

Wallis is known for his casting technique with a centrepin "Wallis Casting" which is still widely employed today by many users of pins.

The mid and tip section in split cane.

Butt section which is whole cane.

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