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"Baden Powell" Prismatic Coloured Gut Lures, Prism Violet.

Invented, tested and patented by W. Baden Powell, K.C., R.N.R., Patent No 9868 (7th July 1916) and tied on Baden Powell Special Longshank Hooks.

There is no doubt in my mind that these patterns were way ahead of their time. When we consider that built wing, fully dressed, Salmon flies were the order of the day, a fly, made up of coloured, splayed gut, in vibrant colours, certainly broke with tradition.

The acceptance of these type of flies into the fishing fraternity can only be assessed by the rarity. These patterns, which were retailed by both Allcock & Co and G. Little & Co, failed to capture the mainstream interest and are scarce in comparison to their feather winged cousins.

The concept of repurposing splayed gut for flies sits with the original inventor, Wiese, who pioneered this style of Salmon fly in the 1890's. Clearly, Baden Powell elevated this to a new level.

These flies, after the gut had softened, would have danced and flicked in the water and could be compared to some of the synthetic material and boar bristles that are employed in modern patterns to perform the same movement.

Definitely a pattern ahead of its time where there were 8 x patterns produced and retained in the early part of the 20th Century.

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