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As the Crow Flies

Indian Crow, an endangered species from South America, once provided much needed feathers to adorn Victorian Salmon fly patterns like these.

The Indian Crow Grub below is just one of the many flies that incorporates this now rare feather. These are perhaps some of the more rarer fly patterns seen.

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Look… P. scutatus is not endangered. Nowhere. Near. Endangered. Please don’t play into this thing that anything that is exotic is now by default endangered. It’s pretty easy these days to find a group or NGO or even scientists (Unfortunately we’re not immune to handing PhDs to people who are activists first and scientists second, my field of ecology is plagued with the stuff) who will say anything as long as in their mind and according to their emotions serve the “greater good”. Put it this way, salar is in a LOT more trouble at the moment than South American passerines. With that said, there’s no reason why there can’t be a recreational salmon fishery if managed well. Yes, scutatus…

Mi piace

Great pictures.

Mi piace
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