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Amazing Royalty History

Acquired at auction a few years ago, when this brass reel was described as being a late 19th Century example by Geo Eaton. A slip in the auctioneer's description and a review of the detail tells us that Geo Eaton operated from this trading address, 6 & 7 Crooked Lane, from 1836-1856.

Another great point of detail which adds to the interest of this reel is the original owner's information, having previously been the property of Edward Wheeler Mills. The Mills family once owned the famous Royalty Fishery on the Hampshire Avon.

Within the boardroom of the freeholder's offices is a picture which depicts Mills fishing on Royalty Fishery in the 1840's where this reel features.

With a raised fixed check to the reverse, this reel has an amazing history which would have no relevance if the owner's details were not applied.

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