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A Very Special Box

A very special box with a great collection of assembled antique Salmon and Trout flies.

With six sliding trays a containing an array of alternative patterns dating from the late 19th and early 20th Century.

With Hardy Halcyon spinners, in their various forms with Midget spinners mixed in.

Examples by Farlow and Wyers Frerres.

And a rare set of Farlow's Perpetual Motion Spinners and spinning Salmon flies by Watson & Hancock and Allcock & Co.

A collection of Hardy Bros Aaro flies covering all the styles from the initial 1894 patent through to last model.

And these flies, specifically designed for Norway, the Hardy Norsk lures with their very distinctive style alongside the Dee Rangers.

And a range of Fly Minnows and experimental patterns such as Fanthorthes Killer by Hardy.

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